Episode 54: Top 5 Summer Games

Back to normal this week (almost) with my internet working and all, and we discussed our top 5 favorite summer games.  This meant different things to different people, to some it meant top 5 games we've spent all summer playing (of all time) and to others it was top 5 games played this summer. Here's the notes:

00:01:02- Teasers

00:01:35- Nibblebits:

-Gamestop digital trade-ins, better soundtrack in NBA 2k13, Mists of Pandaria release date, Final Fantasy 3 coming to Ouya system

00:17:51- Our Weeks:

-Our week's segment was dominated by Olympics talk, with a few minor asides about our actual weeks

00:39:05- Main Segment

01:17:04- Feedback

01:27:11- News:

-Will- Online game suspected reason for shooting

-Corey- Surprising the Borderlands formula hasn't been copied

-Eric- Leaderboards are worthless

-Dan- Mexican Olympic gymnast uses Zelda medley during routine

01:43:16- What we Played

-Corey- Adventure Bar Story, Thomas Was Alone, Rome: Total War,

-Eric- Flick Kick, Halo: Reach

-Dan- Star Wars: The Old Republic, Machinarium

-Will- NCAA Football 13, The Walking Dead: Episode 1

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