Episode 57: 2012 Fall Games Preview Part 2

This is the second part of our Fall Games Preview 2012 edition. The Athletes cover video games releases starting in November through December. The lighter releases in November and December is nice so our bank accounts can recover. The Athletes also discuss the demos to Madden as well as NHL. Here's the notes:

00:00:50 – Teasers

-NHL 12 Demo, Final Fantasy VII PC re-release, Ico, Counter Strike: GO

00:01:22 – Nibble Bits

-Will- PopCap planning a sequel for Plants Vs. Zombies, Diablo III supposed to add 100 more levels with new Paragon system, Mass Effect Leviathan release date announced.


-Eric- Angry Birds and Green Day are teaming up; PS3 isn’t getting a price reduction this year.


-Dan- Ubisoft is launching its own PC gaming client; NVIDA launches a new video card, Nintendo is having a Wii U press release of September 13th price and release supposed to be announced.


-Corey- NBA 1992 Dream Team rights were acquired by 2K Games except Scottie Pippen, New Mega Man social RPG coming to IOS, PC developer Alion lost two demo machines at game convention, On Live not dead.

00:11:54 – Our Weeks

-Corey- Getting settled in at work, tubing down the Delaware River.


-Eric- Work, and discusses the Buffalo Bills play against the Vikings, and Giants and Jets game.


-Will- work


-Dan- Dan talks about his wife Val’s recent hospital visit, Sqaure Enix dropping the ball on the Final Fantasy VII re-release,

00:30:46- Start of Fall Games Preview Part 2

01:15:34- End of Fall Games Preview Part 2

01:15:45- Feedback

01:48:15 News

-Eric- Eric talks about if Video Gamers should care more about sports, and if there is a disconnect between sports gamers to more hardcore gamers.


-Will- Will talks about people using morals in video games


-Corey- Nintendo Power is closing its doors


-Eric- Madden 13 demo, SongPop


-Will- The Secret World, NCAA Football 13, Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


-Corey- Ico, Thomas Was Alone


 -Dan- Star Wars The Old Republic, Final Fantasy VII Re-release, NHL 13 demo.

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