Episode 55: Videogame Drinking Games

Everyone of legal age has probably played some sort of drinking game right?  Beer pong, flip cup, quarters, fingers, etc. are all fine examples, but how many have played a videogame drinking game?  Now is the chance to do so, as the Athletes scoured the web for some of the better games to play while consuming your favorite adult beverage.  Will wasn't present for this episode, and rightfully so, he is underage after all.  Here's the notes:

00:02:27- Nibblebits:

-Game Informer is 3rd most subscribed to magazine, WoW subs drop under 10 million, Xbox live version of Minecraft selling 17,000 copies per day, Amazon forms development studio

00:14:38- Our Weeks:

-Corey-didn’t do much, worked, played some video games.

-Eric- Concert, physical altercation, and eating lots of shit.

-Also, listen to this segment for a group discussion among the athletes as they discuss   some of the Olympic events that have been taking place.

00:30:35- Main Segment

-Listen as the athletes talk about some of their favorite video game drinking games, and reminisce.

00:55:20- Feedback

01:09:25- News

-Eric- videogames as an olympic sport

-Corey- EA suing Zynga, scoring some points with gamers everywhere

-Dan- Ouya talking to Namco Bandai

01:34:50- What we Played

-Eric- Deadlight, Dead Space, Hybrid, NCAA Football 13

-Dan- Star Wars: The Old Republic

-Corey- 10,000,000

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