Episode 50: Episode 50

In our 50th episode we do something a little different, and that's not talk about videogames during the main segment.  We were hoping to give the listeners a little peek into some of our interests outside of gaming.  Back to normal for episode 51, as the main reason we decided to do an off-topic episode was due to lack of planning ahead!  Click below to read the notes!

00:00:52- Teasers: Dawnguard, Dead Trigger, 3DS games,

00:01:40- Nibblebits: new PS3 model, Guild Wars 2 release date, Wii U online will start out free, Microsoft secures a handful of domains

00:09:00- Our weeks

-Corey- won family badminton tournament

-Eric- 4th of July festivities, some drinking, bought Adam Carolla's new book

-Will- 4th of July, missed work

-Dan- busy weekend

00:19:36- Main Segment

01:46:58- Feedback

02:00:50- News:

-Dan- all day drinking advice

02:11:23- What we played:

-Corey- Dungeons and Dragons Online, Skyrim and Dawnguard

-Eric- Dawnguard

-Will- Dawnguard, 3DS, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon White

-Dan- some Fallout: New Vegas

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