Episode 53: Disaster (Mobile Gaming Revisited)

I wish I could say that naming this episode disaster was just a joke, but it's more or less how episode 53 ended up.  Dan's internet woes continued last week, prompting the use of a cellphone wifi hotspot being used to run the skype connection to the Thumbstick Athletes New York studio.  It was worked fine for awhile but we lost Corey about halfway through the main segment.  Then an allergy/coughing fit peppered the second half of what was otherwise a good episode with some fine gaming conversation.  Luckily Time Warner Cable came to the realization that we don't live in a third world country and the internet should "just work."  Here's the notes:

00:01:23- Teasers

00:02:20- Nibblebits

-Torchlight 2 is 4x the size of the original, Sony focuses on "family games" for holiday season, iPhone 5 and iPad mini possibly released in September, two "godlike" exploits in Diablo 3

00:10:35- Our Weeks

-Dan- internet outage.....

-Eric- NFL training camp starting

-Corey- played D&D board game

-Will- went to Gamestop and spent some money

00:21:10- Main Segment

- We talk a little mobile gaming and how it's changed over the course of the past year, and also struggle with our technical difficulties

00:42:16- Feedback

01:05:42- News

-Will- Nintendo Wii U will be imporant for the world....in their own mind

-Dan- DC area thunderstorms knock out internet and power, future of always on DRM

01:18:35- What we Played

-Eric- Halo: Reach, NCAA Football 13

-Will- Minecraft, Halo: Reach

-Dan- Star Wars: The Old Republic, Master of Orion 2

Once again Dan's internet is finally working again so we shouldn't have any of the same problems we had during this episode.  Find the Thumbstick Athletes podcast on iTunes/Zune Marketplace/Stitcher or listen below!