Episode 52: Gaming 101: Game Genres Part 2

This is the second part of our Game Genres episode, complete with more Corey! He was as present as he could be considering some internet connection difficulties I've been having, which made the Skype call come in fairly poorly. The Athletes persevered and hopefully Time Warner Cable will rise to the challenge of providing a decent internet connection. Here are the notes:

Warning: Suffered some technical difficulties in the second half of the show… Please bear with us during this episode.

Nibble Bits

Corey- Ouya Kickstarted

Will- 00:04:22 4 million copies for Dragon's Dogma

Eric- 00:04:47 Windows 8 release date

Dan- 00:06:27 Borderlands 2 and the Wii U


Corey: Breaking News 00:07:35

Eric: 00:10:25- Tequila Tuesday… aka tokillya Tuesday

Will: 00:12:45 Jail-broken iPhone

Dan- 00:17:00- I see said the blind man

Main Segment- 00:21:10

            Game Genres part 2. Listen as the athletes discuss all sorts of different game genres.

01:01:43 Return from break

01:03:00- Feedback (aka drinking games)

01:26:05- News

01:45:04- What we played.