Episode 51: Gaming 101: Game Genres part 1

Though they were minus Corey this week, the Athletes forged ahead with their Gaming 101 series of episodes, this time touching on the subject of game genres.  Though these episode types are geared towards non and casual gamers, even seasoned gamers like ourselves learned a few things while recording this series.  This week we learned of genres that we didn't know existed, and a some that only had a handful of games from 30 years ago that no longer exist.  Neat stuff! Here's the notes:

00:01:05- Teasers: Dawnguard

00:01:20- Nibblebits:

-Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC coming soon, Borderlands 2 Vault Veteran rewards, Windows 8 available in late October

00:05:12- Our Weeks:

Eric- went to a Phish concert

Will- work

Dan- floated on a lake in a pink raft

00:15:14- Main Segment: Game Genres

00:58:45- Feedback

01:22:18- News:

Eric- Google Glasses changing videogames

Will- PS Vita dead?

Dan- Ouya console kickstarter campaign

01:41:09- What we Played:

Will- finished Dawnguard, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon

Eric- Tiny Tower

Dan- 3 minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic

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