Episode 49: ME3 DLC/Dawnguard

In this week's episode we play and discuss the newly relased Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC and the Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim.  If you listened to our Mass Effect 3 ending special episode you can find out if and how our opinions changed on the controversial endings.  Corey relates an ongoing disagreement with a friend on the direction of Nintendo, spurring a legnthy discussion on the Wii U and 3DS and whether innovation or first-party games fuel Nintendo sales.  Below is the flash version of the episode and you can click on the bottom of the post to read the show notes. 


00:01:05- Teasers

00:01:35- Nibblebits

-Kaz Harai steps down from SCEA, Max Payne 3 DLC coming July 3, Google unveils Nexus Tablet, Nintendo to outsource development of Smash Bros. to Namco Bandai

00:11:44- Our Weeks

-Corey- saw some live music, updated website

-Will- failed trig test, bought Warped Tour tickets

-Eric- started reading 50 Shades of Gray

-Dan- ordered Fallout: New Vegas for PC

00:23:16- Main Segment

-Dawnguard followed by Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC

01:02:12- Feedback

01:14:26- News

-Will- 4 year old and mom pair up to steal iPhone

-Dan- 5 possible innovations for Steam

-Corey- Wii U discussion with friend

-Eric- games journalist tries Wii U

01:56:58 What we Played

-Dan- Civilization 5, some Mass Effect 3

-Eric- Skyrim

-Will- Borderlands

-Corey- Super Metroid, Rayman: Origins, Quantum Conundrum

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