Episode 48: Microsoft Surface Tablet

We discuss the newly announced Microsoft Surface Tablet during this episode's main segment along with a lengthened news segment.  Though the new tablet isn't necessarily gaming centric, Microsoft's SmartGlass technology will no doubt feature heavily on their new hardware.

Here's the notes:

00:01:10- Teasers

00:01:47- Nibblebits :

-South Korea bans sales of virtual items, Ep 2 of Walking Dead game available by the end of the month, WWE'13 will have Mike Tyson as playable character for pre-orderers, etc.,

00:08:34- Our Weeks:

-Corey- Not much!

-Will- finished school

-Eric- Euro Tournament

-Dan- Busy weekend, Father's Day

00:13:30- Microsoft Surface Tablet:

-We run down some of the specifics that were announced as well as offer some opinions on the new product

00:24:57- News:

-Corey- XBox 720 leak

-Eric- Peter Molyneux's new game

-Dan- Will we regret our time playing videogames?

-Will- Game designer hopeful for portrayal of gays in games

01:01:11- Feedback

01:35:25- What we played:

-Eric- FIFA 12, Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, Bag It

-Will- Borderlands GOTY, Dungeon Village

-Dan- Skyrim, Civilization 5

-Corey- Dead Space, Saint's Row: The Third, Resistance 3

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