Episode 47: Best of the SNES

We decided to take on the good old SNES in this week's episode, listing our 5 favorite games for the system and honorable mentions that we either didn't play but were popular, or games that could have made our list but didn't.  Our last segment of episode 47 also gets mysteriously deleted, so Dan records a very brief ending to the episode.

Here's the notes:

00:01:10- Teasers: Some older games, Skyrim, Dead Space, iOS games, on the missing segment

00:01:30- Nibblebits:

- Mass Effect Ending, Russia discussion, Journey creator free of Sony, Aisha Tyler gets some crap,

00:23:25- Our Week:

-Eric: Went camping for friend’s birthday, golfed for Make a Wish Foundation in memory of friend, Sean. Watched some Soccer

-Will: End of the year baseball party, up on Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, went tubing for the first time

-Dan: Watched the Stanley Cup

-Corey: Not with us yet

00:31:20- Main Segment: The best of the Super Nintendo: In this segment, the athletes give their top five favorite Super Nintendo games, and some honorable mentions. Definitely a walk down memory lane! Be sure to listen to the Thumbstick Athletes Podcast!!

00:54:57- Corey Joins Us

01:23:12- Feedback

01:41:05- News:

-Man plays same game of civilization 2 for 10 years, games industry dying?, Nintendo trying to relive old times

02:16:05- What we played: This segment got deleted, so Dan records a very brief ending to the episode

Hopefully next week we can have the episode can go off without a hitch.  Below I posted the video of us playing NBA Jam: Tournament Edition for our Christmas Special.  You can find our podcast on iTunes/Zune/Stitcher or listen below!

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition