Episode 46: E3 2012 Recap

Even without nibblebits or news, and missing a member of the crew, we still manage a lengthy episode recapping this year's E3.  With tons of information to cover we decided to break up the main segment into two separate segments and put feedback on the end before "what we played."  So here's the notes:

00:02:00- Teasers:  Crusader Kings II, Dragon’s Dogma, Gaikai

00:05:00- Our Weeks

-Corey: followed E3 closely, signed up for Blockbuster All Access and Gamefly

-Will: prom weekend, didn’t go but partied afterward

-Dan: also followed E3 closely, watch TMNT 2, blast from the past

00:14:44- Break

00:13:30- Microsoft

-SmartGlass, games and Kinect integration

00:54:40- EA

-games, UFC license

01:12:44- Break

01:14:12- Ubisoft

-games, especially Watch Dogs

01:35:53- Sony

-Wonderbook, games and some Vita specific games

01:54:28- Nintendo

-Wii U info, games for the new system

02:20:45- Miscellaneous

-Star Wars 1313, etc.,

02:37:53- Break

02:39:17- Feedback

03:03:26- What we Played

-Will: beat Diablo III, purchased Diablo II and had trouble installing

-Corey: Dawn of Discovery, Crusader Kings II, Gaikai

-Dan: beat Dragon’s Dogma, hopefully posting review soon

The format of this episode was changed a bit for anyone who's listening to this as their first episode, and we'll be back to the normal format for this week's episode.  You can find our podcast on iTunes/Zune Marketplace/Stitcher or listen on the flash player below.