Episode 43: Diablo 3

We tackle the much anticipated Diablo 3 in this week's episode, from the launch problems and somewhat antiquated gameplay to our likes and some of the nostalgic aspects of the game.  A big blockbuster game with several years of anticipation built up is bound to disappoint a few people, so listen in to hear our thoughts.  Here's the notes:

00:01:20- Nibble Bits

00:12:15- what we did

            Corey- Came home, saw avengers 3 with Eric and Will. All three enjoyed it.

            Eric-    Took wife, Justin, and friends out to celebrate them graduating college.

            Will-    Played Diablo

            Dan-    first free week as a free man and played a ton of video games, went to midnight            

            release of Diablo 3

00:22:28 Return from break/main segment-  Diablo 3

The Athletes talk about server issues, characters they made, and what they liked and didn’t like about the game. Be sure to listen and leave feedback on your thoughts!

01:01:51- return from break/feedback/new

Voicemails (finally…) make sure to call and leave the athletes a voicemail. 607-527-0547. It’ll be played on the air.

News- 01:28:15


           Corey- The Real Reason there will never be offline single player in Diablo 3

            Eric-    Asking Players for a constant internet connection….

            Dan-    Game Companies in tough financial spots

01:51:15 What we palyed

            Corey- Diablo 3, Tower of Fortune

            Eric-    FIFA

            Will-    Battlefield 3

            Dan-    Beat the Witcher 2

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