Episode 31: UFC Undisputed 3

We have Ken, friend, avid MMA fan and lover of videogames, to talk about the new UFC game UFC Undisputed 3.  With Dan, Will and Corey knowing very little of the sport and not playing the game thusfar, Ken and Eric lead the discussion, which covers some of the updates from last year's UFC game as well as some of the similarities/differences between the game and the actual sport.  Show notes to come later, and you can get the latest episode on Zune/iTunes/Stitcher or listen below.

Show notes Episode 31

00:00:35 Quick Hits

00:09:05 How was our week

Ken talks some UFC, Corey gives his recipe for homemade deodorant, Will pukes and wins an after-school floor hockey game, Dan still waits for his tax return, and Eric (God bless him) buys a PS3.

00:21:56 Music Break: Kantarrelle by Rymdkraft

00:23:26 Main Segment: UFC Undisputed 3

Ken and Eric talk about the ins and outs of the new UFC Undisputed game.

01:00:45: Music Break: Lukas och Lianen by Rymdkraft

01:01:15 Ken’s top 5:

Ken explains what a Canadian death match is and reminisces about college while discussing his top 5 (8) games.

01:16:24 Feedback

We talk about Amalur’s graphics style, Uncharted 3 as a worthy 2011 game of the year and a potential FF7 remake.

1:21:31 News:

Eric fights gamer entitlement.

Will talks more ME 3 leaks.

Corey shows distaste for the writing guild awards.

1:31:30 Dan discusses the article that proposes Mass Effect as the most important sci-fi universe of our generation.

1:39:45 Music Break: Freon by Rymdkraft

1:41:15 What We Played:

Eric talks Twisted Metal, Pixel Junk Sidescroller and Flower.

1:50:00 Will plays some more FF7.

Corey quickly goes through Ticket to Ride Pocket, Feed Me Oil, Rocksmith, Amalur and Arkham Asylum.

Dan talks the ME3 demo and Halo: Reach.


Mass Effect article