Episode 71: Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment's new MMOFPS Planetside 2 is this week's topic, along with some new releases like Hitman: Absolution and the new Mass Effect 3 DLC, Omega.  Find out how the finished version of Planetside 2 stacks up to the beta version that we talked in Ep. 59 Hangover: Planetside 2 Beta.  Apologies also for the lack of hangover episodes lately, with the holiday coming up we haven't been able to sync our schedules as easily. Here's the notes:


00:01:02- Teasers

-Hitman Absolution, Borderlands 2, Sleeping Dogs, The Walking Dead Episode 5, Mass Effect 3 Omega, Halo 4

00:01:45- Main Segment

00:33:54- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Wii U sold 400,000 systems, Windows 8 sold 40 million copies, THQ Humble Bundle, MATH The Band new album Get Real is available.

-Corey- Black Friday console sales, You must pay 1 dollar for the Humble Indie Bundle, Wii U Zelda and 3D Mario in the works, Razor’s Game Booster program, Czech government trying to free Arma Devs from Greece, no multiplayer for new Bioshock, new Dishonored is selling really well, Wii Mini for 90 dollars

-Will- Quadriplegic gamer soloed a Mass Effect 3 silver multiplayer game, Max Payne 3 new DLC called Painful Memories, EA Sports Boss says UFC will may be coming to PC, Next Gen Xbox supposedly coming out next November

-Eric- Halo 4 leaked Map Pack release dates, Dishonored has a new DLC, Bethesda is turning Dishonored into a franchise, New Bungie game called Destiny

00:59:46- Our Weeks

-Eric- Black Friday purchases, Thanksgiving, Bills game

-Will- Thanksgiving, Binghamton Senators game, Car accident

-Corey- Burnt out on video games, Thanksgiving

-Dan- Black Friday shopping, video games

01:19:06- Feedback

01:56:41- Round Table

-Eric- Smithsonian having a video game Art Gallery

-Will- JRPG we’re most thankful for

-Corey- Square Enix and what makes a Final Fantasy game

-Dan- Planetside 2 beating out Halo 4

02:28:36- What We’ve played

Will and Dan- Star Wars The Old Republic Free to Play

-Corey- Assassin’s Creed III Multiplayer, Hitman Absolution, Halo 4

-Eric- Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands 2, Fifa 13

-Will- The Walking Dead Episode 5, Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC

-Dan- Guild Wars 2

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