Episode 73: 2012 VGA's

For this week's episode we breakdown the award winners of this year's Spike TV Video Game Awards.  Obviously we agree on some selections and disagree on others, but we didn't want to get too our own selections as we're having our own 2012 game awards show.  We offered up only slight commentary on some winners and non winners and even went back and looked at some winners from the past.  Show notes below:

00:01:24- Teasers

-Halo Tournament, Far Cry 3. Defcon, Bioshock cover art

00:01:49- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Guild Wars 2 gets Wintersday content, Metro 2033 free on Steam, Borderlands 2 gets patched

-Corey- The Secret World goes Free-to-play, new Secret World DLC, Diablo 3 for consoles is up and running, Dark Souls 2 is inbound

-Will- Dynasty Warriors 8, PSA Hawken is in open beta, Google Maps is available on IOS, Final Fantasy Threatrythm is coming out on IOS

00:08:58- Our Weeks

-Eric- No Bills game, Halo Tournament

-Will- Halo Tournament

-Corey- Halo Tournament

-Dan- Halo Tournament, Internet Speed increase, Guild Wars 2 dream, Gaming on a projector

00:16:04 Main Segment

00:57:06- Feedback

01:08:50- Roundtable

-Corey- Bioshock Infinite cover art

-Will- Major games in 2013 that aren’t coming to the Wii U

-Dan- What inspires you to play video games?

01:34:17- What We’ve Played

-Will- Far Cry 3, Saints Row The Third, Guild Wars 2

-Corey- Far Cry 3, Guild Wars 2

-Dan- Guild Wars 2, Defcon

-Halo Tournament-

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