Episode 72: Games We Missed in 2012

We all missed some games in 2012 right?  Unfortunately none of us have the disposable income to be able to purchase all the games coming out, so we took this opportunity to play a game we wanted to that came out at some point this year.  What we ended up playing were two indie titles, one platformer and one no show (due to illness.)  Any guesses on who played what?  Here's the notes:

00:01:04- Teasers

-Far Cry 3, Writer Rumble, Final Fantasy 12

00:01:16- Nibble Bits

-Corey-  Zynga filed to make real money games in Nevada, The Walking Dead retail game ships December 11th,

-Dan- Steams Big Picture mode is out of beta, Time released their top games of 2012, Ouya systems are shipping out to developers

-Will- Bioware working hard on next single player DLC, Pikmin gets a third quarter of 2013 release date, Zynga has a new hit game Coasterville, Black Ops II grossed 1 billion in 15 days

-Eric- The new Walking Dead mobile game, new RPG called Path of Exile, Blizzard registers a new domain called Project Blackstone

00:11:37- Our Weeks

-Eric- Bills, Jaguars game

-Dan- Internet problems, invited into the Firefall beta, put up Christmas tree

-Will- School

-Corey- Took parents to the airport, sick

00:21:34- Main Segment

00:53:46- Feedback

01:22:13- Round Table

-Dan- Steam having a console

-Will & Eric- Next generation Call of Duty

-Corey- What in Skyim would work for Dragon Age

01:49:52- What We’ve Played

-Dan- Guild Wars 2

-Corey- Far Cry 3, Writers Rumble, Final Fantasy 12

-Will- Got DragonBorn DLC, Guild Wars 2

-Eric- Fifa 13

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