Ep. 65 Hangover: Halo 4 Plans/Politics

In this hangover episode we discuss our plans for the impending Halo 4 release.  Some of will be going to midnight releases, others playing after school and work.  We all seem to agree on the fact that we will all be drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew, probably of the Game Fuel variety.  None of us will be voting either and we get into politics during the second half of this episode.  We are all more or less of the stance that our two choices for president suck.  That's just our opionion of course and most of our vitriol is due to the over-saturation of one-sided media coverage in the news and social media, hence our nerd rage.  Nerd rage was once described to me as, "when you just can't take it anymore."  Here's the flash player: