Episode 65: Dishonored

We do things a tad differently this week, with the main segment of the episode coming first instead of after the first break.  Corey was a little bit late in joining us and had much more input during nibblebits having not played Dishonored.  So let us know if you like the different format or not.  Obviously Dishonored is getting some pretty rave reviews so find out what we think of it.  Here's the notes:

00:01:20 - Main Segement: Dishonored

00:24:10 - Teasers:

00:24:34 - Nibblebits:

-Scribblenauts for the Wii U will have Mario and Zelda involved, Microsoft perma-banning early Halo 4 player from XBOX Live, Microsoft Surface tablets priced, new Battlefield 3 DLC called Aftermath

00:37:25 - Our Weeks

Corey- bought some parts for PC, Magic cards!

Will- Walking Dead season premiere

Eric- Bills

Dan- Giants, Chris Kluwe, Beat XCOM and Dishonored,

01:01:20 - Feedback:

01:19:45 - Roundtable Discussion:

01:42:50 - What we Played

Corey- First Draft of the Revolution, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, Final Fantasy Dimensions

Will- XCom

Eric- just Dishonored, a little XCom

Dan- Topia, Borderlands 2, XCom, Guild Wars 2