Episode 64: XCOM

In this episode the Athletes talk about Firaxis and 2k games new release called XCOM Enemy Unknown. Also in the episode Wrist Controller and the new Walking Dead Episode 4 is talked about.


00:00:54- Teasers

-The Walking Dead Episode 4, NBA 2k13, Dungeons of Dredmor, Wrist Mounted Controllers

00:01:19- Nibble Bits

-Eric- Rayman Legends has been delayed until next year, Call of Duty Declassified will not have Zombie mode, Sleeping Dogs first DLC coming out October 16th.

-Will- The Walking Dead Episode 4 is out for 5 dollars, Modern Warfare 2 fan favorite map Favela taken out of the map rotation due to Muslim gamers, Borderlands 2 DLC getting its first bit of DLC, NHL 13 Hercules Check video

-Dan- Capcom says there is no paid DLC on new Resident Evil disk, Gears of War movie is back in production, new Super Mario Bro Wii U game runs in 1080P

-Corey-Rockstar packaging their biggest games together for 60 dollars shipping in November, Two Xbox gamers are battling for the first to get a million Gamerscore, Angry Birds Star Wars launches November 8th

00:08:56- Weeks

-Corey- Newark Valley Apple Fest and Corn Maze

-Will- School, work

-Eric- Nothing

-Dan- Beat Borderlands 2, Steam Midnight release of XCOM

00:17:03- Main Segment

XCOM Enemy Unknown

01:00:40- Feedback

01:32:31- Roundtable

-Corey- Would you care if in Assassin’s Creed did away with the Animus storyline

-Eric- Wrist mounted controllers for Kinect.

01:50:00- What We Played

-Dan- Guild Wars 2, Beat Borderlands 2,

-Corey- Faster Than Light, Medal of Honor, Dungeons of Dredmor

-Eric- NBA 2k13

-Will- Guild Wars 2, Fifa 13, Borderlands 2, Diablo 2, The Walking Dead Episode 4

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