2014 "Highlights": Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 178

I decided to give the dudes the week off this week.  They have after all, been working without pay for quite some time.  It was a convenient time too, as Corey was shutting down our Brooklyn Studio this week and moving it to a new location in Upstate NY.  It also happened to be around the holidays when everyone was busy.  I also didn't want there to be no Thumbstick Athletes Podcast this week either, so in preparation for our 2014 Thumbies episode I decided we should go back and listen to snippets of episodes covering some of the bigger game releases this year, and ones you would likely hear about during our awards show.  It's not very long so I decided not to do show notes, and the games in the picture above are some of the games we covered.  (Child of Light was also covered, but wasn't in the image above)