Fallout 4: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 226

The long awaited Fallout 4 is finally here!  Kudos to Bethesda for not announcing Fallout 4 2 years ago making us wait impatiently for it.  A nice 5-6 month period from announcement to release is just the perfect amount of time to get hyped, without the worry that the hype will fizzle out.  For reference, the three Murtha's are all long time vets of the Fallout series and Eric is somewhat of a newcomer to the series, so you'll get different perspectives about the game, which is something we like to do if possible.  We also spend a considerable amount of time talking about Fallout during the main segment, much longer than we give most games...but it really is that much fun.

Nibblebits: 01:40:40

Corey: PlayStation exclusive Beyond Two Souls coming to PS4 next week

Dan: Xenoblade Chronicles X has optional free DLC packs to improve loadtimes and graphics

Eric: Rocket League Chaos Run DLC


Our Weeks: 01:59:15

Eric: Tux fitting at Men's Warehouse, missing money

Corey: same

Dan: same and Fallout 4


What We Played: 02:13:00

Eric: Star Wars Battlefront on EA Access


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