Top 5 Video Game Gingers from 2014

In honor of Kiss a Ginger Day, we're counting down our top five favorite gingers from video games released in 2014. Check back throughout the day as we'll be revealing them one by one.

5) Brigitte 'Rosie' Stark - Valkyria Chronicles

Yes, Valkyria Chronicles originally came out in the U.S. in November of 2008 for the PlayStation 3, but the PC re release was this past November. The former bartender turned Corporal is known for her temper and seriousness but on the battlefield she is an invaluable shocktrooper. A warrior with a melodic heart, Rosie takes our #5 spot.

4) Lilith - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

The cocky Siren makes in appearance all three Borderlands games. She is impulsive but powerful, utilizing abilities granted to her by alien technology. One of the most divisive characters in the series, Lilith and her red do fall in at #4.

3) Gunnulf - The Banner Saga

One of the few male ginger video game characters to come out of 2014, Gunnulf beats his fellow convoy allies Alette and Sigbjorn at #3. We couldn't not have a large ginger Nord on our list. Just look at that facial hair; it's like if Elmo had a beard.

2) Leliana - Dragon Age: Inquisition

"Though darkness closes, I am shielded by flame. Andraste, guide me. Maker, take me to your side!"

Being Left Hand of the Divine brings with it a lot of baggage. The Orlesian born spymaster becomes a crucial adviser and member of the Inquisiton. She cooly guides her agents through intricate operations across Thedas, but occasionally shows a soft spot in the presence of the Inquisitor.

1) Aurora - Child of Light

"Aurora, what is love known by?" - "When it hurts to say goodbye."

I personally was not a big fan of it overall, but it's impossible to deny the beauty in terms of style and substance of Ubisoft's Child of Light. The fairy tale adventure follows Austrian born young Aurora who must overcome her darkest fears in a dream-like fantasy land. Of all the video game gingers of 2014, Aurora touched our hearts most and takes a well deserved #1. 

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