Sunset Overdrive: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 172

If anyone caught the earlier part of Eric's Extra Life marathon, you probably saw a lot of Sunset Overdrive being played.  It ate up a large chunk of his 24 hours, using up 12 to 13 hours and seemed to go by in a snap.  Always the sign of a good game, when large amounts of hours fly by in what seems like a matter of minutes.  Sunset Overdrive, which was described as part Saint's Row, part inFamous, part Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, oozes colorful and over the top fun.  With crazy weapons, strange characters, and intense action, Dan was jealous of not having a XBox One to experience Sunset Overdrive.  On a side note, Eric made some pretty sweet purchases this past week!

Main Segment: 00:05:55

Nibblebits: 00:34:10

Corey: EA shutting down new MOBA Dawngate

Dan: Miyamoto wants more Nintendo crossovers like Hyrule Warriors

Will: Fallout Shadow of Boston trademark was a hoax

Eric: Zelda and F-Zero coming to Mario Kart 8


Our Week: 01:01:10

Will: games, hockey

Eric: Extra Life, gaming

Dan: Halloween

Corey: Halloween, Theatrhythm on the bus, brewing beer


What We Played: 01:24:55

Corey: Final Fantasy Theatrhythm

Will: Diablo 3, Hyrule Warriors, Samurai Warriors 4, Dynasty Warriors 8, CoD: WaW

Eric: Diablo 3, Evolve alpha, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta

Dan: Bayonetta


Feedback: 02:10:00