Destiny The Taken King: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 219

This week, at a listener's request, we have an episode on Destiny's latest expansion: The Taken King.  Along with the expansion come a myriad of other changes that came in the form of a free update known as Destiny 2.0.  Since Eric has been the only one of us that's played any significant amount of Destiny, we enlisted the help of listener Tito in LA, who has logged countless hours into Bungie's shooter.  Tito is also the one who made the excellent Rocket League with Real Announcers video that was featured on Kotaku, GameSpot and Polygon.  He fills us in on the creation process for the video as well as some of his thoughts while he was creating it. 

Main Segment: 00:08:25


Nibblebits: 01:02:27

Corey: Mario Maker has sold over 1 million copies

Eric: PS4 3.0 firmware update

Dan: Smash Bros character voting


Our Weeks: 01:24:50

Corey: Unfriended, homemade pumpkin latte, website redesign, more content

Eric: Bills, Arsenal

Dan: New phone, summon ally, Jane McGonigal


What We Played: 01:43:45

Eric: Rainbow Six Siege beta

Corey: The Tender Cut, The Westport Independent, Mario Maker

Dan: ?


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