Wasteland 2: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast 167

Before the Fallout series of games, there was Wasteland, which predated the original Fallout by nearly 10 years.  Wasteland was given a second chance when Brian Fargo, who worked on both Fallout and Wasteland, acquired the rights and successfully kickstarted the project.  It was so successful that developer inXile was able to lure in some Obsidian developers to help Wasteland 2 along.  The result?  A very old school feeling, tactical CRPG with modern polish. 

Show Notes

Main Segment: 00:02:21

Nibblebits: 00:34:34

Eric: October free PS Plus games

Will: NHL 15 hockey season prediction

Dan: Bayonetta 2 multiplatform controversy

Corey: bring back deleted characters in WoW


Our Weeks: 00:51:50

Corey: ferry ride, fantasy hockey draft

Will: GameStop, concert coming up, fantasy hockey draft

Eric: The Blacklist, Buffalo Bills, Job interview, double date, fantasy hockey draft

Dan: The Hobbit extended edition, GameStop, fantasy hockey draft


What We Played: 01:09:48

Will: Shadow of Mordor

Eric: FIFA 15, Smash Bros. 3DS, Shadow of Mordor

Corey: Wasteland 2

Dan: Hyrule Warriors, Shadow of Mordor