Star Wars Battlefront Beta: Thumbstick Ahtletes Podcast Episode #221

This week, we all play the game in question...mostly due to the fact that it was a beta.  You know, free!  We were thoroughly underwhelmed by it, and it went from a definite buy to "maybe on a sale at some point."  But be sure to listen in on why we didn't care much for SWB, as the gaming populace seems to be split around 50/50 on likes and dislikes.  It will definitely be interesting to see how Battlefront reviews.

Main Segment: 00:03:00


Nibblebits: 00:30:30

Corey: VG 24/7 Covers Uncharted 2 instead of Uncharted 4

Eric: Rocket League Halloween DLC

Will: Until Dawn possibly getting a sequel

Dan: Overwatch beta coming October 27th for a select few


Our Weeks: 00:51:30

Corey: visit to NYC, baseball

Eric: hockey, friend's bday, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Will: baseball, hockey

Dan: My Fitness Pal, Battleborn beta


What We Played: 01:13:19

Dan: Pillars of Eternity, FFT

Will: Destiny, NHL 16

Eric: new Halo Xbone controller, Rocket League, Uncharted 2

Corey: Beginner's Guide, Mount your friends


Feedback: 01:45:00


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