2015 Fall Games Preview: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 220

We usually like to start our fall games preview episode at the end of August, life got in the way this time around and we just sort of forgot.  For this year we just decided to do one episode and focus on the games that are definitely coming out this year.  As usual there are some heavy hitters, but overall it seems to be a fairly light fall release schedule.

Main Segment: 00:03:25


Nibblebits: 01:27:52

Eric: McDonald's now serves breakfast all day long

Will: Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls coming to PS4

Dan: Far Cry Primal

Corey: PS4 Price drop


Our Weeks: 01:39:50

Corey: The Martian, FFT Playthrough, hockey started

Eric: Destiny, Bills, hockey, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Will: School, Work, games, car incident

Dan: Metal Gear Solid V


What We Played: 01:56:00

Dan: Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion

Corey: Undertale, Dust and Elysian Tale, Dark Souls

Eric: Destiny

Will: Destiny, Heroes of the Storm, NHL 16


Feedback: 02:21:15


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